Sarah Jane Scaife

Sarah Jane Scaife is Artistic Director of Commpany Theatre SJ. The issue at the Abbey at the moment is far bigger than a badly thought out program for 2016. It is reflective of woman’s socio-historical placing within the constitution itself. This side-lining of women within the family and the home needs to be interrogated and addressed through our art and of […]

Sarah Jane Scaife

Waking the Feminists

Felicity O’Brien

I am inspired by #WakingTheFeminists movement – so long overdue – it has hit an extremely raw nerve with me. After 18 years working in the arts I now live a life completely removed from the world of theatre and am deeply embedded in the utterly male dominated world of agriculture. I farm full-time with my 78 year old workaholic […]

Wakingthefeministswest Launch at NUIG – Lian Bell’s Speech 1

Part of the keynote speech given by Lian Bell at the launch of wakingthefeministswest at NUIG – a student-led season of plays by Irish women writers and theatre makers in Galway. I’m going to talk a little about myself – which I try to avoid when being asked to talk about WakingTheFeminists. But bear with me. I’ve never wanted to […]

Lian Bell

About Being a Female Technician by Emma O’Grady 19

Have any of the following things ever happened to you at work? You pull up to a venue for the load-in in the long wheel-based Transit van you’ve driven there and you’ve been laughed at when you get out of the cab (because they weren’t expecting “that” to be driving) Somebody has forcibly grabbed a powered speaker out of your […]

Emma O'Grady photo by Roisin Stack

Pom Boyd

WTF? Manifesto for Women in The Creative Arts by Pom Boyd

Honour the WTF? voice inside you whenever you hear it. Never underestimate the desire of the powers that be to silence a dissenting voice. Always look up the magician’s sleeve and behind their back to see how the illusion is being made – unless it is actually a magic show in which case go with the illusion. Men are not […]