#WTF Feminist Midsummer

25th June is Feminist Midsummer this year!

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Call for #WakingTheFeminists supporters to gather!

Chat! Celebrate! Organise! Light a (symbolic or real) bonfire to signal your solidarity with your feminist neighbours! Take social media-friendly photos!

The ripple effect of the #WakingTheFeminists movement is being felt across the country and across the world. Not just in theatre and in the arts, but in other sectors too. This only happened because you are finding your voice and starting to use it. You’re telling your own story and supporting others to tell theirs. Keep it up! Six months in, it’s time to take stock, celebrate what has been achieved, and set our sights on what needs to be done.

Feminists! Women, men and children! Gather together – in a café, in a bar, at a local arts venue, on a hill. Wherever suits you. Maybe you want to meet together specifically with other mothers, like the recently-formed Mothers Artists Makers group! Maybe this post about women working backstage makes you want to gather together with other women techies! Maybe you actually want to light a bonfire and dance around it! Maybe you just want to have a cup of tea and a chat! Do it!

The instructions are simple:

1 – Organise a time and place that suits you. Plan your get-together to be open and inclusive – think about how to facilitate parents with children, think about making sure the venue you pick is accessible for someone with mobility issues, think about inviting people you wouldn’t normally invite, and think about who might be in your local area that you’d like to get to know, or might like to get to know you. Obviously, if you do want to make a bonfire, make sure you do it safely and legally!

2 – Invite everyone you can. Tell us the details so we can share them online – venue, time, type of gathering, contact person. wakingthefeminists@gmail.com

3 – Document it! Take photos and share them on Facebook and Twitter, or email them to us and we’ll share them. wakingthefeminists@gmail.com

4 – Feed back to us! We’d really like you to help us compile a list of things that you know have happened as a direct result of #WakingTheFeminists. We hear so many great stories in passing from people – now is the time to gather them more carefully. What has changed in the past 6 months – for you personally, for someone you know, or in a place you work? Post them online, or email them to wakingthefeminists@gmail.com. Maybe they’re not all positive stories – feel free to tell us those ones too. Let us know if it’s a story you want to tell us in confidence, or one that you want us to shout from the rooftops.

Number one on the list of things that have changed for us is definitely: we’re all more comfortable talking about feminism, and about how sexism affects us. And that alone is a powerful action! Hurray! Onwards!