Garry Hynes

Garry Hynes is Artistic Director of Druid Theatre Company. While the conversation on gender inequality in the arts has been triggered by the announcement of the Abbey’s Centenary Programme, the questions and issues involved are for all of us who work in the performing arts in Ireland. We need to hear further from the Abbey’s director and, given the theatre’s role […]



Maud Hendricks

Maud Hendricks is a theatre maker. So far silence from me about the Abbey and it’s lopsided programme for 2016. I generally work in silence and work through adversity silently. Why? Because rather than feeling defeated by it, it stimulates me to make theatre about themes that affect my own and other people’s status quo. Not only is the gender […]

Louise Drumm

Louise Drumm is a theatre director I’m finding the ‪#‎wakingthenation‬/‪#‎wakingthefeminists‬ debate extremely upsetting. I can’t believe that we are still having to defend even raising the issue with trolls on the Irish Times website. My theatre career came to a abrupt end 14 years ago as the result of misogyny, from the Abbey in particular. I fought on for a few years, […]


Roise Goan

Róise Goan

WAKING THIS FEMINIST “As an independent curator and producer and a former Abbey Board member I can’t say how relieved I am that #wakingthefeminists has finally given voice to the experiences of so many women in Irish theatre including myself. Thank god we are finally talking about this. I hope the Abbey welcomes this conversation and listens to what the […]

Dee Roycroft

Dee Roycroft is an actor and theatre-maker.  I have been glued to Facebook since Lian‘s original post at 13.53 on Oct 28. I quietly watched the twitter exchange with Fiach. I have read every post, and comment -by people I know and people I don’t know. I’ve clenched my teeth, and shouted at the computer, turned it off, then turned […]



Wayne Jordan

  Wayne Jordan – Director I stand with Lian Bell in her campaign to open a serious dialogue on inequality in opportunity and representation in the theatre and arts sectors. I eagerly await and am interested to be part of further realtime dialogue around the issue. ‪#‎WakingtheFeminists‬